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Monday, December 24, 2012

Angry Me


Ding Dong Bell..huhhhh..mengeluh panjang ok. Bagi rasa tenang datang menerpa dalam diri. Walaupun final exam tahun depan (sebab start 7/1/2013), kedengaran lama walhal hanya beberapa hari sahaja lagi.

Today, Yes today.. double reason make me angry. Don't ask why. So, here because I don't have someone to talk with then I decide to write it here. Yup, because I am hot tampered maybe or because I am "mulut laser" maybe or because you think I am too good maybe.. then, I feel like you are not really like the way I am.
Malas cakap banyak dengan English terabur sana sini.

"Sometimes, you need to endure something that really make you feel pain in your life.. make don't know and be patient is the best decision. Full Stop."

That All

Future Planner To Be: It's Better To Have a Plan Yet Undone, Rather than Having None At All

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