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Friday, March 16, 2012

Story for today


Today is Friday..Alhamdulillah I am still alive..hahaha

Today I got an English class.. it is known as EIM (English In Media)..semua pasal media. Example is about newspaper, magazine, advertisement and also letter to the!! learn something new..ahakkkk

Ni dinamakan opportunity tau.. sesuatu yg bgus jugak sbb:

  • Learn something new..learn something new..
  • Selama ni x pernah tau pa nma kt part2 dkt surat khabar
  • Pengolahan ayat yg betul, sblm ni main hentam gitu je kn..hahaha
Hari ni belajar pasal magazine.. masuk2 terus kena suruh wat cover magazine sendiri.. it actually team work, meant discussion in group to design it..about 15 minute to finish it..hehehe

Ni la hasil kerja kelam kabut kitaorng..hahaha..lucu kn??

baby ngan rambut ala-ala buah bawang..hehe

Then, kena present kt depan.. cerita pasal pe benda yg perlu ada dekat cover depan magazine..huhuhu..best2.. J

That all for today.. HAVE A NICE DAY ALL.

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