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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Asking or giving advices?? which one better??

which one??

Asking and giving advices is two things that are really important in our life. This is because we can receives and also share our opinion to the others.

For me, I like to ask for advices from others especially from my parent if I can’t make some decisions and also about my personal problem. This is because our parent is a people who really closed to you, besides they also know you much compare to the others. From my experience, I ask my family which decisions I should take whether to continue my study at unimas or I accept the offer for job that I get. I found it really hard and difficult to make decision in our life.

Actually, I don’t really like to give the advices to the others because it maybe can affect someone’s life. But if my friend asking for it, I will try my best to give my opinion but I don’t allow them to follow it. People can give the advices to others but the decision that you make is actually born from yourself whether you want to accept it or not.

p/s sorry..broken english ^_^

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